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selestique always pays her debts...

Here is already the second entry for August!

I still have to catch up and keep record of a lot of stuff I have been into or watched recently.

I am able to add a new TV series in my TOP 6 (in May I already mentioned my TOP 4, now here is an extended version) ;-)

1. Lost
2. Twin Peaks
3. The Office
4. Stromberg (German version of "The Office")
5. The Walking Dead
---> 6. Game of Thrones

Therefor I would like to dedicate this entry to "Game of Thrones".

I love the opening music- it always gives me goosebumps.

I actually never read the books, but I am planning on doing so in near future.

But I finished watching everything until end of season 5 recently.

The characters and the depth of their stories and relationships are captivating.

I cannot even choose between certain characters, I love so many of them.

Cercei, who is always so mean and deceptive...

Jaime - he reminds of Sawyer in LOST :-D

Brienne, she reminds me of Tilda Swinton, who I like very much.

~*~*Stay tuned*~*~