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The show must go on

I set the mood by watching a Let's Play of the Android Game "Forgotten Memories" (Alternate Realities).

It is the first part of a series of episodes.

It received very well reviews and it is considered old-school Silent-Hill like survival horror. It even has Guy Cihi and Dave Schaufele in it (from SH2)!

On a side note, Guy Cihi is amazing <3

Coming back to the toppic, the LP of Forgotten Memories was approx. 2hours and it was great! I loved the music, style and grotesque scenes.

In the beginning they even made a Twin Peaks reference, which is awesome!

Next episode is due beginning of 2016. I am already curious how the story will continue!

 Loving all the voice actors!

The games are also due for the release on other platforms like Wii, PS Vita and Steam.

*~*Stay tuned*~*~