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selestique always pays her debts...

Here is already the second entry for August!

I still have to catch up and keep record of a lot of stuff I have been into or watched recently.

I am able to add a new TV series in my TOP 6 (in May I already mentioned my TOP 4, now here is an extended version) ;-)

1. Lost
2. Twin Peaks
3. The Office
4. Stromberg (German version of "The Office")
5. The Walking Dead
---> 6. Game of Thrones

Therefor I would like to dedicate this entry to "Game of Thrones".

I love the opening music- it always gives me goosebumps.

I actually never read the books, but I am planning on doing so in near future.

But I finished watching everything until end of season 5 recently.

The characters and the depth of their stories and relationships are captivating.

I cannot even choose between certain characters, I love so many of them.

Cercei, who is always so mean and deceptive...

Jaime - he reminds of Sawyer in LOST :-D

Brienne, she reminds me of Tilda Swinton, who I like very much.

~*~*Stay tuned*~*~

Rule of Rose

August has come!

Recently I watched a Let's Play of the infamous survival horror game "Rule of Rose".

There are a lot of mixed opinions about this one and it has not even been released in whole EU.

In fact I really liked it - the confusing story and imagery. But the controls seem to be horrible and stiff. I have to admit I would probably never buy and play it myself.

~*~*Stay tuned*~*~

Dinosaurrrr action

This month I saw the highly ancticipated "Jurassic World".

For me it is unbelievable that the first Jurassic Parc movie is already 20 years old... I love that movie- back at the time and still now.

"Jurassic World" was ok. Not more, not less. The effects and action were pretty nice, but the story was generic and sometimes even a bit cheesy... but still a nice movie a nice evening.

I guess I would never have wanted to watch it so eagerly if it wasn't for Chris Pratt <3
Unfortunately I saw the movie in German and I did not like his voice at all.

But still he is awesome *____*

~*~*Stay tuned*~*~


The show must go on

I set the mood by watching a Let's Play of the Android Game "Forgotten Memories" (Alternate Realities).

It is the first part of a series of episodes.

It received very well reviews and it is considered old-school Silent-Hill like survival horror. It even has Guy Cihi and Dave Schaufele in it (from SH2)!

On a side note, Guy Cihi is amazing <3

Coming back to the toppic, the LP of Forgotten Memories was approx. 2hours and it was great! I loved the music, style and grotesque scenes.

In the beginning they even made a Twin Peaks reference, which is awesome!

Next episode is due beginning of 2016. I am already curious how the story will continue!

 Loving all the voice actors!

The games are also due for the release on other platforms like Wii, PS Vita and Steam.

*~*Stay tuned*~*~


Finally my first entry for May 2015 :-)

First of all:

I have found a new tv series (+ movie), which instantly raised into my Top 4:


I watched all 2 seasons and the movie and I loved it! It reminded me a lot of LOST, but also it is very deep, has horror elements and many great characters.

I definetly want to watch more David Lynch movies in future (so far I only saw TWIN PEAKS and DUNE).

I would now say my Top 4 of favorite tv series of all time is:
1. Lost
2. Twin Peaks
3. The Office
4. Walking Dead

And of course I am super excited about Season 3 coming up in 2016!

Like Laura Palmer said in the last episode: I see you again in 25 years.

~*~*Stay tuned*~*~