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March 2015 is fully here now :-)

It even seems to finally become warmer outside. In Japan the "sakura" are already blooming *__*

I was looking through my old entries and noticed that I did not mention I saw "Interstellar" in December last year.


I so far loved all movies of Christopher Nolan, so naturally I had to watch this one.

I really liked it!!! It felt like an old school science fiction movie like ALIEN or 2001 from Kubrick.

Besides sometimes being confusing and complicated the story was amazing.

Looking forward when the bluray comes out :3

~*~*Stay tuned*~*~


It is already March now! It is unbelievable how fast time is going by again.

In February I have been to the cinema for the first time since December (Hobbit 3 in Japan). And I even went twice ;-D Lucky me!

Let's start with introducing the less better one first:


"Jupiter Ascending". This movie is made by the creators of MATRIX and CLOUD ATLAS: the Wachowskis. When reading reviews of other people who already watched it was quite split into many opinions. In my opinion this movie was amazing in terms of graphics and sceneries, however the story and the characters were not catchy at all. Additionally for myself I have to say that I never liked Mila Kunis.
This movie is a mixture of STAR WARS and DUNE. Better watch SW or DUNE instead ;-)

Now off to the better one:

"Birdman" was amazing. I loved it very much from the beginning to the end :-) It deserved all its Oscars and nominations. I especially liked Edward Norton and his character - such an amazing actor ;-D And I was so happy to see Amy Ryan (THE OFFICE!!!) on the big screen for the first time :-3

~*~*Stay tuned*~*~


Hello everybody!

It is a nice cozy Sunday morning and in fact I watched REC 2 last night for the second time.

I just skipped through previous entries and saw that I watched it for the first time in December 2011, so more than 3 years ago! Naturally I did not remember a lot that is why I really enjoyed re-watching it.

Actually the trigger was that I went to SATURN the other day and I discovered a Blu-Ray box which contains all 4 REC movies! Then I remembered that there was REC 4, which I did not watch yet, so watched that last night as well!


I liked the movie, but I have to admit I did not like it as much as the first and second one. It lost the religious touch a little bit, but I really liked the atmosphere on the big cargo ship. There was an open end again and I wonder if they will pick the story up again someday. Be sure to check out this movie if you like the REC series.

Nethertheless the first REC movie is one of my favorite horror movies ever ;)

~*~*Stay tuned*~*~



February is there!! :-)
And it is my favorite month, because my birthday is coming up!

I just wanted to take the opportunity to mention 2 movies I have watched this weekend :-)

First one is "The Banshee Chapter", a horror movie from 2013 about the experiments in the US the CIA did with drugs on people. The trailer looked really nice, but in the end it was not very interesting nor disturbing.

The second one is "Lore", a German movie  from 2012. This one was really impressive and I would recommend to watch it. It is about a girl and her family after the end of World War 2 in South Bavaria.



Second entry for this year already ;-)

In Japan I bought 2 new PS3 games:

Biohazard aka Resident Evil 1 HD Remaster (not available in EU and US yet!) and Lollipop Chainsaw!

In fact Lollipop Chainsaw cannot be bought in Germany ;-)

I tried both games this weekend and I love them!

Lollipop Chainsaw is amazing!! It is so much fun :-)

The atmosphere of Biohazard is great. Classic survival horror!